Fake Battlescripting
by TheExcaliburWielderX

This is actually a quite clever way to mimic battlescripting. The only hitch is that you're still doing most of the work. You'll have to make screenshots of the battle and alter them to give them whatever effect you're looking for.
It seems to me that this shouldn't be an autonumber script, but that really depends on how you're using it. If you want to use it from another script, this is fine, but if you want to use it from a textbox, then you'll need it to be a numbered script.

#A script to fake battle scripting. To do this you must make sure that you have the picture 
#of your hero fighting a formation that you want to script. Also you may want to have series
#of backdrop for a complex fake battlescripting. If you want to add text box just make the 
#pictures to be the backdrop for the backdrops you want. Note that this is just a beginner's
#battlescript maybe you'll want more complicated ones.

include, plotscr.hsd
include, yourgame.hsi
#replace yourgame.hsi with your own .hsi file

define script (autonumber, battlescript, none)
#add arguments if you want

#example of my script
script, battlescript, begin
fade screen out (63,63,63)

#the fade screen out above makes the screen fade out in white so it looks like a battle

wait (2)
fade screen in 

show textbox (1)

#replace 1 with any numbers of your text and make sure the textbox have backdrops

wait for text box

#or if you want backdrops

show backdrop (1)

#replace 1 with any numbers of your backdrops
#then if you want the player to enter the battle 

fight formation (1)

#again replace the 1 with any formation you want
#if you want to continue the script after the battle repeat the steps above the end it with,

show map

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