This page is no more than a copy of the old Plotscript Tutorials website. The difference is that this website has a possibility of updating sometime, whereas the other does not. Feel free to PM me or e-mail me your scripts for the library.
The Lessons
Lesson 13, 2, 1...
Lesson 2NPCs: Why you need to know Fake Plotscripting
Lesson 3Finding the Lost Sheep
Lesson 4What Does the Player Want to do?
Lesson 5Call Me the Geomancer

The Plotscript Library
Zelda ScrollFyrewulff Make the screen scroll Zelda-style.
Run KeyUncommon The user runs if a key is held.
Back AttackAethereal Simulate an ambush.
NPC Stat DisplayZzFenix Make NPCs display your stats.
Three-Framed WalkingPCI Make the hero walk with three frames.
Code ListenerJames `SPAM Man' Paige Accept a password from the keyboard.
OHRRPGCE TacticsMoogle1 Commented version of the game's script.
Item LimitsPepsi Ranger Limit the number of items you can carry.
FootstepsPepsi Ranger Leave a trail behind your hero.
DehydrationPepsi Ranger Drain HP and MP from your hero.
Zelda AttackJames `SPAM Man' Paige Fake a Zelda-style attack. Sample RPG file included.
World GeneratorMoogle1 Create an entire planet.
Time of DayMoogle1 Fade the screen to look like it's day, night, morning, evening...
QuakeJames `SPAM Man' Paige Give the screen a good shake.
NPC In RangeJames `SPAM Man' Paige Checks whether an NPC is within a certain distance of a hero.
Random ItemSilverWolf Give the user a random item.
LotterySilverWolf Give the user a random amount of money.
Fake BattlescriptingTheExcaliburWielderX Simulate battlescripting.
CountdownJames `SPAM Man' Paige Your basic countdown script.
Scriptsplit ExampleJames `SPAM Man' Paige How to split large scripts into small ones to avoid errors.
Look But Don't WalkJames `SPAM Man' Paige A "key is pressed" example.
Fake MovieJames `SPAM Man' Paige Put movies into your game.
Vehicle ParkJames `SPAM Man' Paige Keep your vehicles in the same place.
Stat RandomizerJames `SPAM Man' Paige Give your party random stats.
Death ScriptJames `SPAM Man' Paige Create battles that the player can safely lose.
CounterMoogle1 For countdowns that you need to last through battles.

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