Scary Game 3

Kyle's Mansion

   Game Summary
October 31, 2004. Television and radio transmissions nationwide are cut by a chilling announcement: "Deliver the world's candy supplies to Scary Mansion by midnight or I will destroy the world!" Bush, with re-elections right around the corner, hops on the air to announce that, like always, "We will not negotiate with terrorists. Even if he has a nucular energy weapon missile."

"Only one person could be behind this," thinks Eric. "Could Kyle have really gone off the deep end this time?" Help Eric invade Scary Mansion and stop Kyle before the clock hits twelve... The nation's fate lies in your hands!

   Game Info
Unlike its predecessors, Scary Game 3 is a sidescroller/platform action/adventure game. If you think that means it won't have wacky minigames, you've forgotten what it means to be a Scary Game. You'll have to solve puzzles, defeat legions of the undead, collect ability-enhancing costumes, and go one-on-one with the master of Trick-or-Treating himself: Kyle Durand. Along the way, you'll get to play some of the craziest minigames to ever be called Scary.

Scary Game 3 is scheduled to release in mid-October. As usual, there'll be a contest to see who can grab the most points. The score will be based on three criteria: Gold Candies collected, lives used, and time spent.

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